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Is it weird that I think this flask tells a story? 
I found it back by a destroyed house on my property back in the woods.
It sparked the thought that someone in the family was an alcoholic. Maybe that’s why their house is now under my feet. Maybe it destroyed a family. Maybe it widowed a wife. Maybe it left children without a parent. 
Could a whiskey flask tell a story?
I’m actually scared to death of spiders.
Getting to be that time of year!
A nice day to read the Bible in my old tree house with only the sound of the rain.

My favorite thing about photography is that it teaches you that if something isn’t picturesque, change your perspective until it is. 

My favorite thing is stopping at a red light blasting Dirty Heads. The looks you get.


I love texting him all day


Best picture I’ve ever taken 🐙💚

Celebrating the Sound Of Change with some art! I absolutely love the Dirty Heads and I’m obsessed with their new album! I saw them in Boston a couple days ago and it inspired me to do this painting! Watercolor with Pen over it. (sorry I sort of messed up on your face, Matty btw ily)